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New Zimbabwe Parliament At Mt Hampden: Strategic Planning And Land Value Implications

Since the New Parliament Is Located On Provincial Boundaries, The Delivery Of Infrastructure At Mt Hampden Cuts Straight Into The Issues Of (Dis)jointed Planning Across Boundaries By Justice KL Nyakatawa An overarching priority in long-term sustainable development across local planning authorities sharing common boundaries is the existence of a robust framework for strategic planning. In Rural and Urban Planning parlance, this simply refers to policies which address larger than local issues that cannot be dealt with by one local authority. Among these things are housing provision and development or improvement of infrastructure (transport, wastewater, energy generation, telecommunications, health, protection of countryside, etc). It is pertinent that there is duty to co-operate between the relevant local authorities, involving constructive engagement on matters of mutual interest, and out of that, a consideration of how they might progress joint planning between them. In a discussion on property investment in Zimbabwe hosted by Leimen Ltd - and presented by Mr Lawrence Rimayi of Oasis Realty - there was an interesting discussion around the impact the New Parliament might have on land values at the periphery of the development. It is common cause that investment in infrastructure, planning permission (or expectation

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