Let’s Talk About Health Matters – Minding Your Well-Being – Common Cancers Affecting Men Part 2

All In 4 Health: #Allin4health #health4all #minding your wellbeing #healthawareness  By Dr T.W Ngwenya Changamire We continue to raise awareness on common cancers affecting men. In our last article we mentioned that the most common cancers affecting men in our region are Prostate cancer which is the most common and has been found to be more common and more aggressive in black men. The second most common cancer is colorectal cancer. We mentioned the risk factors of developing colorectal cancer. Screening may start as early as at the age 40 for these cancers, this is largely dependent on the family history of cancer. This week we will talk about the remaining 3 cancers from the top 5 common cancers affecting men in our region. These are Lung cancer, Testicular cancer and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Who is at risk of developing Lung cancer? Lung cancer most often occurs in smokers.

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