New app is a national achievement that would accelerate citizens’ communications across the world  especially in business and political transparency



By Mark Anderson

An unknown young prodigy flags Zimbabwe in a Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberk style in the launching of Zimbabwe’s own social network.

In his own words the self taught in physicist, mathematician, author and software engineer who is the current CEO, Professor Gibbs Kudzai NdiriWashe Kawinga says is Zimbabwe’s own civic technology application allowing citizens to address and express their civil rights, politically, economically and socially.

Politics and economics discussions will be the core of the application.



This app addresses the need for Zimbabweans to work together towards the 2023 election which requires more features to make the app enticing and accommodating to more advancement in innovation.

Zimroom’s chief operations officer views this application as a national achievement that would accelerate citizens’ communications across the world especially in business and political transparency.

He further addressed that the app is only but at its early stages as the company is working on what he claims to be “something BIG”.

With this App, Zimbabweans at home and abroad can engage through texts, audios and videos, simultaneously accompanied by targeted advertisement.

Social media is abuzz over new innovations and many pundits have spoken about the possibility of a well designed domestic application to capitalise on the empty social media market space available in Zimbabwe.

Reports now point to countless stories on the innovation in Zimbabwe over Whatsapp where businesses make themselves available to the wider public by moving portions of their operations to the application or young entrepreneurs that capitalise on Whatsapp’s market share to connect people, and much more still has to be reported to the connectivity of this new app.


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