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Secret of The Womb: If Only For The Drudgery Of Demeaning Jobs

She dealt in tie-and-dye clothes and embroideries. Her fortunes began to diminish when Zimbabwe was hit by a foreign currency crisis which made the rand very expensive By Nhamo Muchagumisa Nothing seemed to have changed back home when Mrs Chipango arrived back from South Africa. The same crowds of vendors, fast outnumbering the buyers at Sakubva Bus Terminus remained the heartbeat of the busiest place in Mutare. The piling garbage in various corners of the marketplace remained an affront to the open eye. The occasional burst sewerage pipe, gushing with raw human waste remained the loudest threat to a healthy town life. But home was home. After all, South Africa, despite being the leading economy in Africa south of the equator had its own dirty corners. The endless fights for passengers among touts seemed to have worsened from the day she had left, but this was nothing compared to the violence that often occurred in South Africa. The use of vulgar language remained the same, though louder. Her house kept its state in anticipation of her return. The peeling wall paint, two broken window panes and the rotting faciar boards.

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