Writing Fiction with Nhamo Muchagumisa : Under The Mirror Piece

When I settled in my room again, my head sank back into the rubble of a fallen edifice By Nhamo Muchagumisa There was another knock at my door, the second one that Saturday. I did not want anybody to disturb my thoughts, yet I did not want to be rude by ignoring the person at the door. The new twist in my relationship with Daisy seemed to have taken its toll on my psych, yet the pain was over. The new wave of relief that was rocking my senses had robbed my mind of its functions. I rose from my baseless mattress and walked towards the closed door, an aching grimace on my face. Opening the door, my grimace began to relax as I locked eyes with Daisy. We had spent the freshness of early morning together, and parted as the day approached its prime. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); I had definitely made up my mind that she was no consolation at all, until about two hours after her departure that day. My ghost had remained trapped in the rubble of a ruined relationship.

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