Zim Embassy In SA Reaffirms Sovereignty of SA Govt Not To Renew Zim Exemption Permits

Issued By The Zimbabwe Embassy In South Africa Zimbabwe Digital Express The Zimbabwean Embassy  in Pretoria has issued a statement distancing themselves from a statement issued by the  ZANU PF Sandton chairperson Advocate Simba Chitando who alleged that he had a meeting with the Ambassador of Zimbabwe to South Africa to discuss a bill that will see South Africa paying hefty charges for using Zimbabwe airspace. Chitando said the Bill shall be called the Dr Motsoaledi Aviation Bill. Read the full Embassy statement below: 1. The Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe to the Republic of South Africa is aware of a statement that is circulating on social media circles bearing the crest of the Office of Advocate Simba Chitando, dated 30 December 2021 and titled "ZANU PF SANDTON DISCUSSION: THE DR MOTSOLEDI AVIATION BILL". (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); 2. In its opening paragraph, the document claims that a meeting took place on 23 December 2021 between the ZANU PF Sandton Branch, the ZEP Leaders and the Zimbabwean Ambassador to South Africa. This is a total falsehood. The Zimbabwean Ambassador has never had a meeting with the ZANU PF Sandton Branch.

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