There is no confusion here. There were two meetings on the same day. One at 10:30am – another at 7pm

The Sunday Express

It has been a rough week for Zimbabweans in South Africa – and particularly those who are on the expired Zimbabwe Exemption permits.

While South African has granted a 12 months grace period for Zimbabweans to sort out their affairs – the spillover from the South African government decision not to renew the ZEP has been far-reaching and it has become the most talked-about news event on many news and media platforms.

After the release of the controversial Motsoaledi Aviation Bill by the Zanu-PF Sandton branch – and the subsequent fallout which saw both the Zimbabwe Embassy in Pretoria and Zanu-PF in South Africa issue statements distancing themselves from the Zanu-PF Sandton Branch statement – Advocate Simba Chitando contacted the Sunday Express this week and asked to clarify a few things from the Embassy and Zanu-PF SA.


Here is his statement verbatim:


By Simba Chitando


1. My attention has been drawn to a letter from the Zimbabwean Embassy dated 3 January 2022.

2. In paragraph 2 it is said that the opening paragraph of my 30 December 2021 letter reads as follows: “the document claims that a meeting took place on 23 December 2021 between the Zanu PF Sandton Branch, the ZEP leaders, and the Zimbabwean Ambassador to South Africa.

This is a total falsehood: the Zimbabwean Ambassador never had a meeting with the Zanu-PF Sandton Branch”.




3. For the sake of accuracy – and full transparency – the first line of paragraph 1 of my letter dated 30 December 2021 reads as follows:

“Pursuant to the Zanu-PF Sandton Branch meeting on 23 December 2021; and the meeting between ZEP leaders and the Zimbabwean Ambassador to South Africa on the same day”

4. My 30 December 2021 letter self-evidently does not refer to any meeting between Zanu-PF Sandton Branch and the Zimbabwean Ambassador. For that reason, there is no falsehood in my letter.



5. The literal interpretation of the first line of my letter speaks to two separate meetings “on the same day”. There was the meeting between ZEP leaders and the Zimbabwean Ambassador at 10:30 am.

There was a separate Zanu-PF Branch meeting “on the same day” at 7pm.

The ZEP leaders and the Zimbabwean Ambassador were not at Branch meeting, and vice versa. There are meeting minutes of both meetings.

There is a audio recording as well.

Accusing an Advocate of telling falsehoods is very serious. I invite anyone with evidence of any falsehood.





6. Paragraph 5 of the 3 January 2022 letter from the Zimbabwean Embassy provides “an acknowledgement and acceptance of the sovereign decision by the Republic of South Africa to not renew the Zimbabwean Exemption Permit”.

While paragraph 2 of the same letter from the Zimbabwean Embassy “denounces in the strongest terms” an invitation to a discussion for representations, provided for by the constitution of Zanu PF, which seeks to preserve and protect Zimbabwean sovereignty.


7. Paragraph 6 of the letter from our Embassy reads as follows: “the Embassy urges Zimbabwean nationals in South Africa to comport themselves in a manner that promotes the good relations between the two countries peoples and governments”.

In light of reports of widespread, systematic xenophobic attacks, and several human rights violations targeting Zimbabwean nationals, condemned by human rights organisations, I believe it would be helpful if our Embassy demanded the same comport that promotes good relations between our two people from South African nationals as well.


The Zimbabwean people would appreciate it.

Adv Simba Chitando




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