Flood Of Response to Advocate Simba Chitando Torching Firestorm with South African Government 

The Sunday Express Page Two News Round-Up


This week Zimbabwean Lawyer Advocate Simba Chitando torched a firestorm after he led the release of the Zanu-PF Sandton Branch Motsoaledi Aviation Bill, which seeks to compensate ZEP holders, & victims of xenophobia in South Africa, after it was leaked to the media. South African Head of Public Diplomacy in the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation – Clayson Monyela – in a twitter exchange with Chitando – said that he had alerted his bosses of the bizarre document.

Chitando insisted that the Aviation Bill document was just the right kind of discussions which the Zimbabweans In South Africa needed to be having, and added that it was not part of Zanu-PF policy. It was for discussion only.

Here is what is on The Sunday Express Page Two Round-Up

We appeal to the holders of this permit to use the 12 months to regularise their status in South Africa

The now-expired Zimbabwean Exemption Permit (ZEP) which was initiated in 2017 was deliberated by Cabinet on the 24 November 2021. Out of those deliberations Cabinet decided to no longer issue extensions to the Zimbabwean special dispensations. However, Cabinet decided on a 12 months grace period at the expiry of the current Zimbabwe Exemption Permit.



During this period the holders of this permit should apply for other permits appropriate to their particular status or situation. This decision was motivated by our desire to ensure that eligible Zimbabweans can regularise their stay in South Africa. We appeal to the holders of this permit to use the 12 months to regularize their status in South Africa.

Given the above we find the numerous social media attacks on Minister of Home Affairs Dr Aaron Motsoaledi misplaced and should be condemned in the strongest term. Minister in the Presidency said “the decisions of the executive are never decisions of an individual, rather they represent a collective decision.”

South Africa is governed by the rule of law, and as such all within its borders are expected to adhere to the law. The enforcement of border controls are applied to all nationalities who try to enter the country illegally as part of this country’s border management policies.

Phumla Williams Is South African Government And Informations Systems CEO


Crossing The Border At Undesignated Points Benefits No One – Not Zimbabwe, Not South Africa

Let me start by saying that Zimbabwe strongly believes in nurturing good relations with its neighbours for mutual benefit.

Certainly, management of borders and ensuring safe and orderly migration remains a priority.

It is Zimbabwe’s expectation that people will use designated crossing points to visit other countries or to return home.

Regrettably it has come to the attention of the authorities that there are some people who deliberately avoid official crossing points for unknown reasons.




It is this revelation that motivated Zimbabwe and South Africa to establish platforms of dialogue and aimed at developing solutions to this shared problem.

As you may already be aware, there are border patrols on both sides of the Limpopo

The expectation is that these patrols will act as a strong deterrent to would-be offenders on both sides

Frankly speaking, no government benefits from the use of unsanctioned points due to the huge losses associated with this undesirable behaviour.

Melody Chaurura Is Zimbabwe Consul General In Johannesburg



Television Interview: What is Happening On Twitter Is Unacceptable. But The Diplomats from Both Countries Must Step In….

Politically we have seen the minister taking a firm stance on that he wants to deal with the situation of migration. It appeared as if the ANC government had no immigration plan. It looked as if it was a gentleman’s agreement to give out the permits in the first place.

But it looks as if the ANC is almost forced to act immediately. May you take this action without creating mass displacement and avoid a diplomatic problem?. But clearly there isn’t any visible diplomatic channels dealing with this matter. It has reached a diplomatic cross-roads where the escalation is at the level of retaliation.

Both countries now need to come up in the open because it is affecting the two countries equally.

South Africa is a dominant force in the region per infrastructure, diplomatically, it is the giant in the region. Let’s put this matter at a regional level and see how we deal with the matter. Most of the parties that are in charge are the former liberation movements. In Zimbabwe, in Angola, the lack of appetite to deal with what makes a state, you cannot build a state on the basis of comradeship.



It may not be that the ANC-led government is using imperialist borders, but there was never a definitive debate about this, and the issue has now found itself on the top of the agenda. South Africa will not want to be seen to be using imperialistic borders. Yes the country has a right to enforce migration, but it is a two-way thing. Was it ever debated? No.

What we see now is the government being forced to generate a response as a matter of urgency. Zanu-PF is also gauging that they have a Sandton branch – and distancing themselves from it – but there is no visible engagement between the ANC government over the nature of the Sandton branch and the issues that it raises.

These things have been raised, but it is always difficult to find a balance but there is a need to finding solidarity, there cannot be a situation where the state has no understanding of the status of the problem, and the state of the borders.
South Africa’s politicians have been watching what immigration has done to European politics, and how this has led to the coming up of populist politicians.

Even if South Africa cancels those permits, but we may find that there is a dependency on the employment of SADC people in certain areas – look at the restaurant sector for instance.

Look at the restaurant business, the restaurants in some areas may have to close down completely, also the country has to look at its image and reputation on the continent, the issue of protectionism comes through. It may sound that by the protection of menial jobs is the required solution, but it may be the distribution of the jobs that is the problem.

I don’t think that the Zimbabwean authorities are doing enough and I don’t think that they are not following up with the human beings, their problems at homes, and the situation that they are finding themselves at Beit Bridge

Let us have a practical engagement, but for now, fighting on twitter is not OK, and it is not the corrective way to deal with this matter.



South African cannot develop as an island, it speaks to what citizens are relating to power.

We can see ways in which there is the African Peer African Review Mechanism, to try to help other governments apply accountability and peer influence, the problem in the region is that there is too much unilateral and bilateralism – but there is no multilateralism.

For instance you see Mozambique deploying Rwanda troops, does it mean SADC has no troops? There is no understanding of the handling of such regional matters and no co-ordination among regional leaders themselves.

The ANC-led government seems to be unclear about its engagement and when you get this small branch communicating as if it is the Zanu-PF, and yet we see the ANC-led government has more challenges in its own, when you are internally weak, the manner in which sometimes the Zanu-PF government can just pronounce itself, I’m not sure is this is based on solidarity, these issues come out. it says a lot about our politics.

Ralph Mathekga, Political Analyst On SABC, Speaking To Presenter Sakina Kamwendo


Consul-General Challenges Zimbabweans To Keep The Good Image Of Zimbabwe Intact


Top lawyer Advocate Simba Chitando Appointed Zanu-PF Chairman For Sandton Branch


Adv Simba Chitando Response To The Press Statement From Zimbabwean Embassy

Zim Embassy In SA Reaffirms Sovereignty of SA Govt Not To Renew Zim Exemption Permits


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