Stop Press: Jit Television Set To Become First Zimbabwean Station On Continental Channel

From sharing a channel with CGTN - and 700 other programmes - StarSat has been an amazing programming bouquet for Jit Television The Sunday Express After over 130 daily news bulletins - and six months of programming - Jit Television is set to move to a bigger platform this month - details of which you are hearing here on The Sunday Express newspaper for the first time. In October we reported that the station had moved house from Randburg to Rivonia - Telemedia Studios - and the news division had stayed the course with innovative news bulletins which showed the other side of the Zim-SA news corridor like never before. So we completed the internship that was StarSat this week  -  and by the end of this month - Sunday Express and Jit Television will be the first Zimbabwean broadcaster that is going to run a complete Zimbabwean station on one of the influential multiple networks on digital satellite television on the continent.

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