Detail of the domes is what makes for property developer reading – geodesic domes, weather insulated and equipped with solar, sinks, toilets and soft showers

The Sunday Express

The changing face of camping has taken on new meaning in Zimbabwe – after one of the leading property companies sold a glamping site in Juliasdale this week. The property was on the market at the advertised price of $130 000.

Property watchers in the Sunday Express ran into google this week to check out the arrival of the new investor word of the moment – glamping – onto Zimbabwe’s lexicon – and found that it is a resort-style way of living – where luxury hotel accommodation and camping meet – and you sleep in comfort under stars.

Hotel accommodation is a strong growth area in Zimbabwe – and bush camping is suddenly big business in the Eastern Highlands – where Terezim Fortress Properties posted a series of pictures – showing how tourism has been transformed at the Nyanga Glamping Resort – which was up for sale. There is a sold sign now on it.

Property developers who spoke to the Sunday Express this week roundly welcomed the new-concept development, saying that this showed the upswing in property value in Zimbabwe, and especially so since glamping is a fairly new concept.

In simple words glamping is camping with a difference – with water, solar power and top-of-the-range common living. So instead of worrying about how to tow your caravan from Harare or Bulawayo to Nyanga – just travel there lightly – and sleep in see-through purpose-built tent.



The word “glamping” first appeared in the UK in 2005 and was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2016. While the word itself is new – the concept that “glamping” itself is old – as people have been sleeping in tents since the dark ages.

On the Terezim social sites – glamping at Nyanga glamping resort was sold as an opportunity for brand new serviced sites with scenic views at a new-concept Zimbabwean glamping resort.

The construction of the structures themselves was completed in April last year, and is strategically located just west of Nyanga National Park. It is described as sold as a hallmark resort on 5.2 hectares of sloping altitude – complete with typical Nyanga weather, camouflaged with trees and a river on its southern boundary.

As the Sunday Express made an inquiry this week, our contact at TereZim said the property was no longer available. The brand new investment was snapped up this week in the misty, charming, and picturesque mountains of Nyanga – Juliusdale – and came with full title deeds. The race to identify the mystery owner is now on.

The bargain luxury domes came with large 1000-square-foot windows, decks (or simply a veranda), and lavish amenities (call it piped water, solar power to connect your laptops and gadgets, and a comfortable bedroom) – the luxury itself is complemented by the vicinity of Nyanga national park and the rolling hills. Five-star living in a tent.



The detail of the domes is what makes for property developer reading Рgeodesic domes, weather insulated and equipped with solar, sinks, toilets and soft showers. Thats where it gets interesting. In geometry, geodesic tents are curved manifold tenting, a completely new mounting inn Zimbabwean property development Рas the noun geodesic and the adjective geodetic come from geodesy Рthe science of measuring the size and shape of the Earth.

The staff accommodation on site came with prefabricated container homes, insulated and powered with solar, sink, toilet, shower and precast concrete sink.

The domes were sold off for their entertainment potential – and the highlight is the grandmaster geodesic dome that serves as a bar, restaurant and entertainment, and braai grills – and complete with fire pits and chilling area.

Also on-site is a 55m borehole powered by solar, two 5000l water tanks, and the water supply is filled up with gravity-supplied water from the river. The site is fully fenced, there is a septic tank, outdoor lights and there are Zesa power lines – with an opportunity to built at least 16 new domes to boost the bed capacity.

Officials at TereZim Fortress Properties said that the glamping site is a premium transaction, and this development blurred the line of traditional lodging on ordinary campsites, and united nature-buffs and splendor seekers under the same curved roof in the geodesy.



“Imagine a glamping tent. Now enclose it, give it 26-foot-high ceilings, 1000 square-foot windows. Glamping today means a luxurious and unique place stay with direct access to nature. This Glamping Resort is simply expanding, if not redefining, the idea- its the first and only resort concept of its kind in Zimbabwe,” he said

The beauty of investment in a resort is that not only is one buying a property for future development – but you also sell the attractions of the sub-district – mountain climbing, game viewing, trout fishing, jet skiing on the Osborne Dam, the Rhodes Museum, Nyangombe Falls, and the Mutarazi Falls Skywalk and Zip Line.

The identity of the buyer was not immediately disclosed.

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