Zanu-PF Sandton branch accuses SA district chairman of clandestine meetings with G40 politicians

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Open fighting, allegations of corruption and alleged dysfunctionality in the structures Zanu-PF in South Africa – have been laid bare for all to see this week after Zanu-PF Sandton branch Chairman Simba Chitando released a damning letter, castigating the leadership of Zanu-PF South Africa Chairman Gift Kangausaru.

The letter – which Adv Chitando released on Saturday morning – said that he had received evidence that Kangausaru was conducting clandestine meetings with Zimbabwe’s G40 kingpin Saviour Kasukuwere at undisclosed venues in South Africa – on unspecified business.

These revelations point to a bigger struggle for power and evidence of factional battles for territory playing out in Zanu-PF South Africa district – with the Zanu-PF Sandton branch proving to be the lightning rod in the affairs of Zimbabwe’s ruling party in the diaspora – and especially in South Africa.

The letter said that Advocate Chitando is in possession of the letter written by Zanu-PF Mzansi District Chairman Gift Kangausaru on January 3 which slammed the Sandton branch – and which Chitando rejected “null and void, ultra vires, and that nobody should pay cognisance of it.” (read the letter below)



Chitando said that he had been informed by Zanu-PF South Africa spokesman Kennedy Mandaza to conduct a legal investigation about alleged insults made against President Emmerson Mnangagwa on the Kempton Park Zanu-PF branch whatsapp group (as attributed by Chitando to Kangausaru and his brother). The alleged insults were never said to have been directed at President Mnangagwa.

Further Chitando added that he was informed by party functionaries Cde Goriwodho and Cde Dumaza that Kangausaru received money in late 2021 for party business (for transport), and after the party business. But it was later discovered that the transport was free, and the funds personally benefited Cde Kangausaru – actions which Chitando said they constituted fraud.

He said that according to Section 130 of the Zanu-PF Constitution: “there shall be a District Inter Branch meeting at least twice a year for the purposes of reviewing party programs and projects or discuss any other matters brought to it by the District Co-ordinating Committee and the Provincial Executive Council.

“None of the above provisions, pertaining to the governance of a Zanu-PF District, have been complied with by Cde Gift Kangausaru, and this led to the collapse of the Mzansi District,” Chitando said.




Further, the letter added that the Zanu-PF Sandton Branch Secretary for Security and Secretary for Administration provided the Vice-Chairperson and myself (Chitando) with evidence that Kangausaru has had several meetings with Cde Savior Kasukwere and other Zanu PF members of disrepute.

The Sandton Chairman painted a gloomy picture of Zimbabwe’s ruling party in South Africa – saying that party structures had collapsed as a result of the corrupt incompetence of Kangausaru over the years that led to collapse of the Zanu PF Mzansi District – a situation which could not be condoned.

Efforts to contact Kangausaru, Goriwondo and Dumaza were fruitless, but Zanu-PF spokesman for South Africa, Kennedy Mandaza said that he was aware of the back-and-forth that had spilled over into the public – and said that the whatsapp chats which Chitando was talking about had happened – not in the Kempton Park branch – but in the Zanu-PF Mzanzi whatsapp group.

Moreover the defamatory statements were reportedly not made by Kangausaru himself – but by muzukuru wa Kangausaru in the same group – and aimed at tarnishing the image of Mandaza – who had – in turn, exercised his individual right to consult Adv Chitando as a lawyer and check for him the legal implications on the basis of the defamatory statements made against Mandaza in Mzanzi group.



Mandaza said that he was not aware of any alleged meetings between Kasukuwere and Kangausaru, and if Chitando had evidence of such meetings – then it was Chitando who should reveal the evidence of the meetings, and the source of his information.

He added that the Zanu-PF Sandton branch is no different or bigger than any other Zanu-PF branch – whether in Berea, Witbank or Durban – and as such the Sandton Zanu-PF branch should operate and report to the Zanu-PF South Africa district executive.

According to Mandaza it was important that if there were issues with the tenure of the current executive and office bearers -such matters should be directed at the Zanu-PF headquarters in Harare – and that if there were any outstanding party matters – everyone in Zanu-PF was aware of the correct party structures and channels to raise such matters- rather than the unfolding situation where party members were conducting clandestinely through hatchet jobs in WhatsApp groups and through the media.

He said that the fundamental objectives of Zanu-PF was that every member of the party was duty-bound to carry themselves in ways that promoted the clean image of the party, and that any member whose conduct was contrary to the spirit, reputation and integrity of Zanu-PF – would be dealt with according to the values, structures and constitution of Zanu-PF.



The integrity, credibility and respect of ZANU-PF should be preserved all the time, because ZANU-PF is a big institution whose name should not be put into disrepute by the actions of individuals. Therefore as members, the politicians speaking in the name of the party must not at all material times use social media and media in general to address challenges when the Party constitution is very clear of the protocols to follow. Hence the current situation is regrettable, Mandaza said.

Ever since the ascendency of Emmerson Mnangagwa to Zimbabwe’s Presidency post-Robert Mugabe and through events of November 2017 – the ruling Zanu-PF has been struggling to contain its party structures in South Africa – and the formation of the Zanu-PF Sandton branch is believed to be a bold attempt to neutralise politicians linked to the G40 factions which lost power to the Lacoste faction – leading to the expulsion of a number of influential politicians who were close to President Mugabe.

Read the letter from Advocate Chitando here:

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