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Ensuring Universal Access To Energy By 2030: The Renewable Energy Action Plan

With these recommendations, and assuming concerted effort is exerted, and action is taken, Africa will succeed in leading the World in providing clean energy By Michael Tichareva In this fifth and final article on the subject of clean energy, climate change and poverty reduction, we now report on the recommendations for African Governments, some of which are contained in the 2015 Africa Progress Report (“APR”). In the previous four articles, we painted a bleak picture on the state of affairs through sobering statistics and case studies. We also outlined a number of success stories as an illustration and encouragement that it can be done if everyone focuses and applies their minds. Africa needs to set ambitious targets if to take the lead. Ensuring universal access to energy by 2030 while laying foundations for a low carbon transition is one of the key recommendations of the 2015 APR. This requires huge investments in new technologies and business models alongside swift policy reforms.

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