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Uncomfortable Health Issues: Abdominal Discharge, And How To Handle It

Let's Talk About Health Matters: All In For Health: “Minding your well-being” By Dr TW Ngwenya Changamire Certain health conditions are very common in our society and although they are common very little is said about them. This is largely because people suffering from these conditions are embarrassed to raise these problems to their doctor or health professionals may sometimes feel uncomfortable discussing these topics with certain patients. For example, issues related to sexual health like sexual dysfunction, sexually transmitted infections, abnormal vaginal discharge and urinary incontinence may be difficult to bring up. We have covered some of these topics in our health column. We will be discussing more uncomfortable health conditions. We hope that this may help you to visit your doctor and get the health problem treated. This week we will discuss Abnormal vaginal discharge. Before we get to discussing abnormal vaginal discharge let me first explain what normal vaginal discharge should look like. Normal vaginal discharge is often clear or whitish. This discharge does not cause any irritation to the vulva or vagina, meaning normal vaginal discharge will not cause itching or pain.

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