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Writing Fiction With Nhamo Muchagumisa: The Innocence Of Beauty

Her use of a pseudonym on Facebook to make this moment possible could not be taken for granted By Nhamo Muchagumisa When she finally stood before the building housing Adrian's office, the urge to turn around and flee took possession of her. It was a nine-storey building and a strange feeling that the red brick edifice was the impersonation of Adrian conveyed a sudden dryness in the cells of her lungs, to the effect that every breath she took hit the cells like a cloud of gunpowder. For a moment she allowed the weight of her body to be a torture to her knees as she stood aimlessly before the building that towered moodily before her, despite the red appeal of its walls and the rectangular spectacle of its decorative windows. "I am here to see Adrian, " Wendy said to herself. "At least if he hears my side of the story, away from my fellow schemers, he will understand and forgive the past." "You want to see Mr. Adrian Takaingwa?" said a man in a blue work suit.

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