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Results Or Nothing Chapter One: Marketing Sense And A Boy Named Toronto: Aubrey Mavhuli

Be warned this book may offend if it does sorry but you get my point, right? Mediocrity is not a mountain that we may say it’s too big to be moved By Aubrey Mavhuli Every boss, every client, every voter, every family is looking for one thing infact it’s their song, give me results or give me nothing. Excuses are cheaper than toilet paper don’t you dare or bother bring them to the dinner table of life. Excuses don’t matter: Says BNC International’s Munyaradzi Dongo. Some people swear by their excuses some with wisdom of the ages, others swear by their results. What is it gonna be for you? Many may fail in many places and be forgiven but no man should forgive himself for standing on and swearing on their own excuses its disgusting like someone bathing in spit.

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