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Effort Is Important: It’s Just A Way: Not The Destination

Time is not money. It is life. Time is the true unit of life. Don’t waste it By Aubrey Mavhuli This week, on the second of the extracts from Results or Nothing Book - which enters the second season of The Sunday Express 100-day book challenge: I talk about the two sides to effort, and two thoughts to it. For now, I will tell you both and tell you my take. The first thought is as clearly outlined by Denis Waitley that your results are always linked to your effort. In other words, if you want a great result to apply a great effort. This is what my parents taught me, praise God they were sincere, “Hard work. Hard work my son pays.” In hindsight, they told me half the story. I am not just a proponent of hard work but of hard work in the correct direction. Look at it this way, if you went all out without confirming your direction first you could soon be surprised when you found yourself right at the top of the wrong mountain. So, first things first.

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