Six Key Interventions That Set Our e-Commerce Business Apart – During And After The Covid-19 Pandemic

Nothing could have prepared us for the disruption of Covid-19. We learnt the true meaning of “winging it”. Literally, we invented our plane while flying it By Raymond Kasinganeti This week on the Brawlers Book Club I narrated my experience in dealing with unpredictable situations like Covid-19 and the need to pivot and adapt quickly, as opposed to adopting a wait-and-see attitude. Pivoting becomes the defining moment in one’s business. When we started our eCommerce project – we were using just one platform but it soon became clear that to scale, we needed to diversify our platforms at breakneck speed – which we did through expanding the team and focusing on big wins instead of just being busy for the sake of it. Today we are on 12 different platforms and scale is imminent. The alternative was to conclude that the environment was too tough but we chose to create a defining moment through resilient pivoting. That was my experience of creating defining moments - through a series of decisions and actions that lead to one (seemingly) big win.

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