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Lets Talk About Health Matters: All In For Health: Skin Conditions: Dealing Acne

Effective treatments are available but acne may be persistent. Treatment of acne is also very slow and may cause frustration to patients By Dr TW Ngwenya Changamire This week we remain with the topic of uncomfortable health conversations on the Health Page on The Sunday Express - and the topic of comfortable conversations around uncomfortable conditions continues. Skin conditions are common and while they are a physical condition they may also cause a lot of emotional stress. Many people suffering from skin conditions feel embarrassed with their condition, they are constantly worrying about what other people may think. Without seeking medical advice skin conditions may worsen and cause physical and mental distress. Common skin conditions include Acne, Acute Dermatitis, Chronic Dermatitis Eczema, Cold sores, Hives, Boils. Acne is a common skin condition that presents during adolescence. It causes a lot of embarrassment and loss of confidence in teenagers. Although it is common in teenagers it can also present in adulthood. People are ashamed with this condition because of false beliefs that it occurs because of poor hygiene practices. This is false.

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