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Well Done Lions Of Teranga. What A Historic Win At The Africa Cup Of Nations

And we must not lose sight of the fact that this tournament allowed us to see many quality footballers in action - including the poster boy of the Lions Of Teranga - Sadio Mane By Terrence Mwedzi Earlier in the Sunday Express I spoke about how footballers need to develop a killer instinct - and I feel delighted that the 2021 African Cup Of Nations showpiece ended on a positive note as the Lions of Teranga (Senegal) clinched the trophy for the first time in history at the Olembe Stadium on Sunday. The winners - under the leadership of Aliou Cissé defeated Egypt with a 4-2 win in the penalty shoot-out which pushed the Teranga Lions to gain the upper hand on the Pharaohs of Mo Salah. Football is an unbelievable game. Purists were indeed incandescent.

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