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Delish Herbs And Spices Series: Chapter Three: The Many Uses Of Cinnamon

The beauty of our products: is you can simply enjoy them as they are, or you get to make some money at the same time as well By Sibongile Matembo Are you taking cinnamon in your food? Don’t miss all the benefits associated with the world’s “ number one spice”. Cinnamon is the spice of kings, but you don’t have to be a king to enjoy its awesome health benefits. On top of the list is Cinnamon’s link to its ability to reduce heart disease. In case you were not aware, heart disease is notorious for killing more people prematurely than any other disease ever does. Cinnamon helps reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing the bad cholesterol in your body. Cinnamon may also reduce your blood pressure reducing your chances of the dreaded premature death. Cinnamon spice is obtained from the bark of a tree and is popularly known to have nutrients such as calcium, manganese, and fibers. Cinnamon in the fight against diabetes Cinnamon may be responsible for marked powerful anti-diabetic properties. Blood sugar control is a problem amongst many diabetics even in our soon becoming “too sweet” world.

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