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Results Or Nothing Chapter Three: Be Hard On Yourself, Success Is Pre-Defined. But Achieve The Goals

If you are hard on yourself life will be more bearable, while on the other hand if you are soft on yourself life will be hard. Choose your hard By Aubrey Mavhuli A world of complacency applauding effort with no results. We live in a strange world indeed. It’s strange in the sense that from kindergarten we celebrate a lie. We are applauded for effort without results. It is as if one could buy bread with no money but just the effort to have it. Well as we grow older, we realise that even at awards evening at the end of the year they don’t award effort with no results. There is no pride in failure The human mind is schooled in scepticism. They won’t just take your word for it. Someone once said the man who tries and fails we do not wanna hear we want the one who succeeded against all odds. Failures don’t give speeches Try giving a speech and see who turns up to hear you speak.

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