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HospitalityAfrica.Com: There’s Always A Room In The Inn

Welcome to Hospitality Africa Online, where we redefine the concept of African Luxury Hotels By Boss Capital T Welcome to the soft launch of in the Sunday Express. The hotel concept backdates many years with various nations achieving different milestones on the functionalities and monetisation of the hotel concept. African culture has always facilitated pekugara when one visits areas or nations away from home. In biblical term there is the much publicised “there was no room in the Inn” storyline. Put simply hotels have been an alive concept before christ. I am sure theologians may want to argue that but my instructions are focus on the enterprising world of hotels kikikiki. A hotel is an establishment that provides paid accommodation where ever you visit across the world. Hotels are normally branded by name or location. Mushandira Pamwe Hotel, Holiday Inn etc. Rooms are usually identifiable by numbers and secure access protocols to enter your paid for room. Hotels are designed to provide a home-to-home customer experience, comfort and in some cases entertainment.

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