How Blockchain Transformed Agriculture On The Continent: The Case Of Zimbabwean Cattle

Zimbabwean cattle now tagged with ultra-high radio-frequency identification tags and registered on a traceability system. Each time the animal gets dipped, vaccinated or receives medical treatment, the tag logs the event onto the system By Adekunle Agbetiloye So much technological advancement is happening within the agricultural space globally, and Africa is riding the wave. Last year, we curated 11 mission-driven Agritech startups in Africa utilising cutting-edge technologies to boost agricultural productivity. Last month, we looked at agricultural trends to watch out for this year. Agritech startups are critical to spreading the gospel of technology adoption in agriculture across the continent. Precision farming, aerial mapping, IoT sensors, vertical farming, location intelligence, and agricultural robotics are already being deployed on the continent. However, the continent’s technological-agricultural synergy is not yet at its peak. More technology is needed to transform agriculture on the continent. One of which is blockchain technology. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); What is blockchain? Blockchain is a term that has gained recent popularity. Although it first gained attention in connection with cryptocurrency, the system is applied in different sectors like transportation, lottery businesses, politics, and, most recently, agriculture.

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