Mystery Purchase Of Valentine Pillows In Flames

Ultimately, there was no sign of life being destroyed as the red flames ate into the cursed pillows By Nhamo Muchagumisa The doll shaped pillows were marked with hearts decorated with a constellation of stars. They looked very much alive, and Winfred had never dreamt of such a fancy present. A wave of excitement made her heart beat faster. Her love life was unique, one of its own, and she pitied any girl who did not have an Elvis in her life to make her an extraordinary woman. Her dreams of Elvis would even be sweeter on those pillows. But was she not already living her dream? A little anxiety permeated her system. What would she ever do for Elvis to be his perfect match? Elvis had turned their relationship into a "one way traffic", and this fabulous present made her to start seriously considering how she would undo the disparity. On the 15 of February she left for work as usual. She worked in the accounts department at a private clinic.

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