Results Or Nothing: Chapter Four: The Results Of Your Life Reflect The Standards That You Set

The first step to correcting bad results is ownership. If you don’t like the results take ownership and correct the outcome

By Aubrey Mavhuli

What is results and why they matter most?

“The results of your life reflect the standards you have set.” Robert Sharma

Results don’t lie

One of my own mentors the late Bob Proctor said “results don’t lie”. It is true. Most people act surprised by the results of their life. There are always two ways of dealing with results. One is to respond one is to react.

There are two ways of reacting one is to try harder; one is to give up. Contrary to what most people think trying harder isn’t always the solution.

However, when you respond you are in control. When you react, you are subservient to the situation on the ground.

Results don’t just happen: they are brought about

A man may have an occasional bad day, week, or month or even a year but consistent bad results, the man must be faulted.

The first step to correcting bad results is ownership. […]