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Let’s Talk About Health Matters: Constipation: All In 4 Health Series

All In 4 Health: #Allin4health #health4all #minding your wellbeing #uncomfortabletopics By Dr T W Ngwenya Changamire Disorders in the digestive tract can lead to a lot of embarrassing symptoms. Symptoms may include belching or burping a lot, “growling” stomach, flatulence or passing flatus, recurrent constipation or recurring diarrhoea. Recurrent constipation may lead to peri-anal conditions like fissures and skin tag development in the area or piles. A simple change in your eating habits may be all that is needed to solve these problems but is some cases further investigation may be required to exclude serious underlying condition. Let’s explore these symptoms. We will touch on common conditions that lead to the symptoms discussed. Gastritis is a condition where there is inflammation or redness and swelling of the stomach lining. This results from an excessive acidic environment in the stomach. This acidic environment is caused by excessive intake of alcohol, smoking, spicy,oily food ingestion, and regular use of drugs called NSAIDS. NSAIDS include drugs like Brufen, Dispirin, Aspirin and Diclofenac which is also known as Athrexin or Voltaren.

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