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Whatever Happens In Ukraine: The Protagonists Should Give Peace A Chance: Terrence Mwedzi

So it's do or die for Vladimir Putin. Whether He Wins Or Loses, We Still Want Some Answers, All Of Us By Terrence Mwedzi The tension between Russia and Ukraine has sent shock waves to the entire world. For the past few days, we have been witnessing the spectacle of loss of blood in the Ukraine invasion by the Russian troops which left me and everyone of the Digital Sunday Express in perplexion. To date, hundreds of people - including Ukrainian and Russian troops - have been reported dead which is very very sad. Moons ago, President Vladimir Putin denied claims that he would invade his neighbour (Ukraine), but then he refused to follow the meaningful peace pathways by sending more than 100 000 troops across borders in Ukraine's north, east and south. And he still insists that it's not an invasion but a special operation. What a ruse! Invasions are not healthy because can hurt the world economies. Putin's actions are very strange and difficult to understand. In this modern-day age, invasion of any form should be condemned in the strongest terms.

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