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A New Quietness: If Not Broken By The Mystery Of The Rat

The nights to follow were filled with a succession of mysterious happenings, with the rat sucking Medelyn’s nipples, and even kissing her lips By Nhamo Muchagumisa Viewed from a distance, the house was the most conspicuous work of the human hand in the entire neighborhood. The brown roof tiles looked like a steaming pool of dark water, radiating under the blue curve of the clear sky. Medelyn was indescribably grateful to her husband who had decided to procure immovable property in a quiet environment. The Premier Community, a few kilometres from Christmas Pass, near Mutare, lived a simple life, whose mainstay was farming, and Medelyn believed in the fruitfulness of such simplicity. The walls of the mansion spelt out their height as Medelyn and Chidagu drove into the weed grown yard of their new property.

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