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Results Or Nothing: Success Undefined Is No Success At All: Aubrey Mavhuli

Most personal development teachers agree on this that people get the results of who they are By Aubrey Mavhuli In Chapter 5 of the Second season installment of Results or Nothing 100-day Book Series in the Sunday Express, we find ourselves with a war in our hands in Ukraine, and what a week to write about one of the British wartime leaders of all time. But before we even get to talk about Winston Churchill, we must define that an undefined success is no success at all. “Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.” Anonymous What does success look like? Success undefined is no success at all. Have you ever thought why many don't succeed! Success is not clear to them. Especially what it would look like when it’s all said and done is not clear. If a clear vision of success is seen in someone’s head the steps to accomplish it usually become clearer whether immediately or with time. Success rarely emerges from the dark. Success follows a clear path.

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