Inspiration Or Motivation Is Like A Bath. It Doesn’t Last Forever

To get uncommon results a common man must become uncommon By Aubrey Mavhuli Success means results. “ There are no secrets to success.

To get uncommon results a common man must become uncommon

By Aubrey Mavhuli

Success means results. “ There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” Colin Powell.

Have you ever heard people asking each other how things were going? If you hear the answer, “we are trying” usually that is a dignified way of saying we got less than we expected.

The good news is when people fail after trying its not ultimate failure its temporary defeat. In my vocabulary true failure is when you fail to start, and you give up on your goal too early.

As I write this, I am fully aware of the many who have really tried, that is they put in a lot of effort applied all their wisdom but really failed and gave up on their dreams. I am also aware of those who had all odds against them but still made it anyway.



Success costs you something
Wherever you see success being banded around, know this: success is never cheap! It costs something.

Equally true is the same for results, and I mean results that matter. Whether you act or not, you still get results, the question is are you happy with the results you are getting? If the answer is yes, I say well done.

If the answer is no, something has got to give, I am sorry to say it’s got to be you.
There is an old saying that if you keep on doing what you have been doing, guess what you keep getting what you have been getting. The big question is what are you getting and how happy are you to get it?

Results don’t just come
This reminds me of an old gospel song in the Sotho language that says of heaven that it’s “worked for.” Results are like that. If you want results that matter you must be prepared to pay the price with your actions, especially habitual actions. But habits don’t change unless the belief changes.

Belief doesn’t change unless you change the story you tell yourself about yourself: your capabilities and all.

Inspiration is short lived
Any man can momentarily act and therefore progress in the direction of their goals or preferred results at the moment of inspiration, but inspiration or motivation is like a bath, it doesn’t last forever.
You got to take it daily, in the case of bathing you got to take it daily, unless you want people to run away from you. To make a permanent change on habits permanently change your beliefs.



Uncommon results for uncommon people

To get uncommon results a common man must become uncommon. Common results are reserved for common effort and that is the speciality of common people. Few people ever get results they are happy with.
When you decide to get results that matter you got to become a different you.
Look at it this way, if you have a goal, you have never reached before wouldn’t it help you to ask, “why haven’t I reached it before?”

Identify fears and beliefs
It may help you to write down all your fears and beliefs that are not helping you get closer to your desired goal. Once you identify them and write them down figure out a way of acting despite the fears.

Your daily actions stem from your beliefs especially those of yourself. Henry Ford is famous for saying: “If you think can, you are right, if you think you cannot you are right.”

Your fears are justified but they are not real. When I was young, we used to say if you are afraid of something that has not yet happened you are a coward. In adult class now we don’t say that, we are a bit more polite and simply tell you that there is no guarantees in life just act despite your fears.

My personal development coach says there will always be a terror barrier, but you got to climb over it or else it reigns over your life. Believe you me the pain of regret is always worse than the pain of failed attempt.



Identify your current habits versus goal seeking habits
Your habits or daily actions will determine how good your results will be. Your persistence too despite the hurdles, roadblocks and all odds will play its part.

Results come from persistence
Some people have persistence all wrong. If you tried a method that doesn’t work, you don’t try again to do the same thing, the same unsuccessful way. Brian Tracy clearly states “success leaves clues” all you got to do is exchange what doesn’t work for what works.
One of the best questions I have learnt to ask in the face of temporary defeat is, is there anyone who has been where I am now who has tried and succeeded?
What made them successful, then I copy their actions and mindset? Trying to reinvent the wheel is overrated there are no prizes for it.

Results don’t lie
Your own self-image will determine how far you go. If you have a high self-image in a certain area you tend to go an extra mile and stay a little while longer than all other people. If you do more than others and hold on more than others soon results will show up. Results don’t lie.

Figure out Identity for failure and identity for results
The common advice out there is you must know who you are. This is part advice. It doesn’t say the complete advice: which is figure out who you are and compare who you are with the results you seek. If there is a gap change! Change yourself to match or meet the goal you have set for yourself.



You don’t get what you want but who you are
Imagine a team that plays in the premier league, why do they train hard to win the top position in the league? Training changes everything, it not only changes their muscles, but it changes who they become.

It is commonly agreed in personal development circles that you don’t get what you want (your goal) but you get who you are. It then goes to show that you don’t get better results unless you become better, yourself.

Don’t be stuck with the version of yourself that is not serving you towards your goals. Quite often we realise that we are not who we think we are until we change and pursue higher goals then we realise that for too long we have short-changed ourselves.

The truth is we are more than we think we are. There is no reason to live and die in mediocrity unless we consciously make that our choice.


Aubrey Mavhuli is a director in many businesses, and Chief Copywriter at Supervaluecopy. He is The Chief Doer At Success Is Do It Yourself, and CEO of Scrollup Investments, Owner at Solartech Johannesburg, and Masterfarmer At Vhuli’s Farms.  Mavhuli speaks at Corporate and Public Events on personal and Career Development, and is an expert on Leadership, Buying and Selling, Strategy, Creativity and Success Psychology. Contact Mavhuli at www.supervaluecopy.com or 072271 1079.








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