Multi-Purpose Teleconferencing Venue And Studios Unveiled At Jit Television

We Are Unlocking the value that is stored in storytelling, brand penetration, and entertainment - through a great studio By Zim Digital Express This week's news, information and top-of-the-range programming took a turn for the better - as Jit Television unveiled its brand new studios in Rivonia - a stone’s throw away from the Telemedia Complex which has been our home for the past months. Jit TV’s new studio - which houses the flagship The Sunday Express Current Affairs News Programme, The Daily News Bulletin, continental news channel, and at least 13 other programmes - is a multi-purpose facility where brands, corporates and marketing agencies will host colourful events, product launches - and comes complete with an inhouse television broadcaster - on site. Jit TV CEO and founder Colin Mackenzie told a gathering that witnessed the launch of the new studios this week that the TV company had moved to unlock the value that is stored in storytelling, brand penetration, and entertainment. This strategic move is meant to spread JIT Television’s wings into the world of corporates and big-name industry - and there was no better way to make a statement but through unveiling a state-of-the-art studio to complement the

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