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Let’s Talk About Health Matters: Five Healthy Habits To Adopt

Minding your well-being: All In 4 Health By DR TW Ngwenya Changamire Healthy lifestyle is about being mindful of the steps that need to be taken and putting these steps into practice in order to achieve health. Health is a state of physical and mental wellbeing. Health is not just the absence of disease. How can we achieve an overall state of wellbeing? A step in the right direction to achieving physical and mental wellbeing begins by being aware of good health habits that positively affect health and bad health that negatively affect. Daily or regular practices make up a habit. The right habits help you to reach your goals and targets. You will be able to set goals like weight loss goal, Blood sugar reading goal, blood pressure targets, cholesterol targets, healthy meal goals, exercise goals and self-care mental health goals. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Habits that help you achieve health The first habit in achieving a healthy lifestyle is reading about health. You are able to identify what may be affecting your health and preventing you from achieving health.

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