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The One Whose Answer Was: “Yes”

He was feeling so lethargic as if he had run to Mars and back By Nhamo Muchagumisa The videos told a story of himself he would never be able to retell without viewing them, and even after viewing them, he would never wish to retell the story to anyone. The videos only captured a tiny episode in the long narrative of his downfall. Sandra had posted the videos to him without any captions and disappeared from the line before receiving Justin's reply and never to be spotted online again. Justin's reply was a laconic "hallo" as he could not think of any expressive, or even intimate way to respond to such an embarrassing message. One of the videos featured Justin behaving like a lunatic, pacing around his bedroom uttering incoherent words more to himself than to Sandra. The other video had him lying on his back on his bed, pointing at the ceiling shouting unintelligible swear words. Justin was mystified what kind of seizure it ought to have been.

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