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Come as strangers, leave as family. You will never be disappointed with Kubwa5 Safaris: Story Series

The Sunday Express Travel and Tourism Story Series: How to build your name as a guest blogger The Sunday Express This week on the Sunday Express Travel And Tourism Page, we made contact in the DSE readers survey - and picked up on the discussion with Kubwa5 Safaris on the SIX benefits of news media, and sharing one's travel story through blogging and guest writing. How does blogging with Kubwa Five Safaris benefit one as a guest blogger? Sometimes blogging isn't an invitation by the host - but it is a pitch by the writer. So just what benefits do guest blogs bring to writers - as (for this article) is seen through the Sunday Express travel page? 1) If published in the Sunday Express - the reader/subscriber/blogger could qualify for a media sponsored free safari/vacation with Kubwa Five Safaris: Yes: unlock your reader benefits and score a romantic newspaper trip - subject to terms and conditions and depending on the number of trips available in the year. 2) Exposure: Guest blogging allows you to get your name and face seen by more people than ever before.

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