In Focus With Terrence Mwedzi: Operation Dudula And The Fight Among The Poor

People should also know where to direct their anger when chips are down By Terrence Mwedzi It is an open secret that South Africa has been a magnet for immigration for the past decades -and the ANC-led government should now put tight measures to protect foreign nationals (Zimbabweans included) who are living in South Africa as a matter of urgency. In recent days, the controversial group, Operation Dudula Movement took to the streets in Soweto, Johannesburg, Hillbrow, Alexandra - campaigning against undocumented foreign nationals. And many hawkers at Pan Africa Square and other places have some of their stuff and stalls destroyed, and looted despite processing all the requisite official documents, citing that the foreigners are stealing their jobs and businesses - which has been proved to be untrue with logic. This level of lawlessness is really shocking - and some of their claims are meaningless, unsupported by facts and have nothing to do with law abiding foreign nationals.

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