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Decisiveness Brings Results Often: Results Or Nothing: Chapter 7

Deciding where you are with whatever you have got is the cardinal rule of decision making - Bob Proctor By Aubrey Mavhuli Decision or indecision: thats the question. "Decision-making is not something you can avoid,” says Bob Proctor. There is a story often told about a greedy hyena that died at a crossroad because it simply couldn’t make up its mind. To get results in this life one must simply take their pick, quickly, in decision then hold onto that decision unless its proven otherwise. Results favour those who decide and those who decide quickly I should add. Most people have this all wrong, they let their unpleasant circumstances, history and precedence decide their decisions. But that should not be how things should be. Decisions bring the how to answers, but without a firm and unequivocal decision for or against something even the resources and the how won’t come. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Let me tell you this, a few centuries ago we did not know how to fly until ther Wright brothers mere bicycle mechanics made the decision to fly.

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