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The Five Healthy Habits To Adopt In Order To Achieve Health: All In 4 Health

The Health Series Page, Minding Your Well Being By Dr TW Ngwenya Changamire In The Sunday Express Health Page this week - the five healthy habits to adopt in order to achieve health include reading and staying informed about different health conditions, eating healthy, incorporating exercise into your daily routine, going in for an annual medical check-up and routine disease screening and making intentional efforts to go out, relax and socialise. This week we explore the multiple health benefits of exercising. 30 minutes of brisk activity at a minimum of 5 times per week is the recommended amount of exercise. It is advised that approximately 150 minutes of brisk activity per week is adequate exercise. Strength training is also recommended; it is recommended that weight lifting or resistance training be done twice a week. Exercise is good for children, adults, and even elders. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Heart health improves with exercise. Aerobic exercise improves heart and lung function. It improves blood circulation thereby increasing the flow of oxygen to all organs improving their health and function.

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