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Too Far To Turn Back

When he defiled the sanctity of our marriage, we sold some of our trucks and with the money, I started my own business By Nhamo Muchagumisa Standing on the ash heap, Zinyeke saw Mr. Zindimo emerging from his mansion, through the double doors that faced the entrance cum exit gate, about 20 metres from the house, and stepping out of the verandah porch, he turned rightwards and walked towards the carport which was part of the main house. Zinyeke thought he was dreaming and tried to suppress an impulse to blink, but without success. The spiritualist had instructed him to bury the gourd full of charms in a hole dug on an ash heap so that lightning would descend on his adversary, even from a clear sky, and Zinyeke had followed his instructions to the letter. "You will actually see it happen from the ash heap, even if you do it a hundred kilometres away," the spiritualist had assured him, a weird smile lighting the wrinkles on his face. Now here was his  former employer, reversing from his carport. Zinyeke watched the man curiously, his heart knocking fiercely at his ribs.

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