Chia Seeds : A Wonder Small Seed Loaded With Nutritional Benefits 

Chia seeds have an extremely subtle flavor and are therefore prioritised for their texture over taste By Sibongile Matembo So, welcome thos this edition of The Sunday Express Newspaper. Are are any Chia seeds in your diet? Look at these 7 benefits you could be missing out on from these awesome seeds. Chia seed is a wonder small seed that is loaded  with nutritional benefits for the whole  body. Listed below are some of the benefits derived from eating chia seed as part of one’s diet. Chia seeds as a source of Fibre The fibre in chia seed is believed to help a lot in weigh loss as the fibre continues to give the body the feeling of being satisfied and being full for a while longer. This eliminates the need for regular uncontrollable eating. Good for the bones The calcium in chia seeds helps strengthen the bones. The seeds also contain other minerals like phosphorus, protein, apart from calcium.

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