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Mbinga Kana Kuti Mhene: Demystifying The Notion Of Success Witchcraft

Mr Masuit is a modern prototype of a wealthy person affectionately as defined by his own fan club By Boss Capital T Tycoon Africa gives me an opportunity to define various schools of thought pertaining to wealth creation within the African domain. Oh yes there are filthy rich members within our African communities across the world. Wealth creation is mystified as classified data within our African community. It’s taboo to be outspokenly eloquent about riches or wealth…. In this series of submissions in association with precedent schools of thought Tycoon Africa publication and The Sunday Express publication - we will demystify the "kupfuma hushereketa " concept. It is a magazine that I have been wanting to publish for some time, and I am grateful to the DSE news community for making it happen. The notion of normality I am trying to define evolves around the commonality of wealth….it’s ok to be rich or to be premiumly wealthy Another prominent character challenged me on why I opted to term the publication Tycoon Africa as opposed to Global Tycoon….

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