Copious Afro-Fusion Music at Macanudo Restaurant,To Host Dual Launch

Philani Dube prepares launch of his very own gin and vodka brand, iDube Gin And Vodka brand By Wellington Kudiwa It appears most Zimbabwean music promoters are biased as they evidently favour newer local music genres such as Urban Grooves and ZimDancehall over older cultural music genres such as Mbira Music. However, a few promoters have remained loyal and eager to strengthen and elevate older music genres. In this esteem, Real Estate Entrepreneur, Richard Philani Dube, has roped in Zimbabwean singer, songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist, Ashton Tapiwa Nyahora, warmly known in the music industry as “Mbeu,” in helping the Afro-Fusion artiste as he is debuting his new album launch tour on the 30th of April 2022. In an interview, Dube, who is a Ndau native from Manicaland is known to be passionate about Mbira music, said Mbeu’s album promotion tour will initially be held at Macanudo Lounge (owned by Dube himself) in Ekurhuleni, Germiston before taking place in other parts around South Africa. “On the 30th of April 2022, Mbeu will be launching his first album promotion tour gig at Macanudo Lounge in Ekurhuleni in the central business district of Germiston (formerly located in Wendywood Sandton).” (adsbygoogle

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