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Road To March 2023: You Can Change The Bottle, But The MDC Wine Remains The Same

The pending tsunami is unavoidable. It is written all over for all to see By Kennedy Mandaza As the war in Ukraine rages on, there have been questions on whether countries like Zimbabwe will survive from the effects of the war and sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States and its allies in the European Union and United Kingdom. As has become the norm with the Americans and the Europeans they have been crying more than the bereaved. Whenever they do so they will always be up to something sinister. They are quick to coalesce and impose sanctions to assert the big brother tag they have unilaterally arrogated to themselves. Unfortunately or fortunately this time, the sanctions they imposed on Russia are now coming to bite them. Some countries in Europe as well as the United States of America are now experiencing shortages and queues of basic commodities, fuel, and gas. Soon they will realise that there are others that cannot be easily pushed. While the effects of the war are imminent in smaller countries, Zimbabwe has been with the challenges of sanctions for over two decades.

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