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Separate Wills, If Only To Expose The Child Traffickers

How was the death of Charwiwa going to be a lesson to his old friends when they were already in the net? By Nhamo Muchagumisa Pasco was greatly disturbed. His friends had opted to abandon their studies and pursue the life of crime that by a hair’s breadth, they had been rescued from. Honest life had proven not to be so easy, yet the psychological rewards were far greater than any fortune obtained in a fraudulent manner. Nyanyadzi Vocational Training Centre had not only improved Pasco's prospects technically, but also socially. His aggressive nature had tranquillised, and he had learnt to be more accommodating. As a trainee in the basics of water engineering, he enjoyed more of his time away from the textbooks when he went for practicals at Nyanyadzi Irrigation Scheme, resuscitating malfunctioning pipes as well as assessing the effectiveness of his work after doing some repairs. His three friends had however seen nothing edifying in the development of such technical skills, and opted to become “professional” lawbreakers. Pasco had been their mentor.

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