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Cloves In Your Diet: Don’t Miss Out On Awaresome Health Benefits

By Sibongile Matembo One of my colleagues asked for cloves this week. I should admit I was taken aback. It was unusual for them to do so. He explained that his client had suggested and given him some clove when he complained of sensitive gums. “I have been having serious gums pain due to sensitive gums lately and one of my clients gave me few cloves to put on the tooth that’s giving me the trouble. Initially, I was sceptical but because I was desperate, I had been taking stop pains every four hours after the visit to the dentist where he had given me a dental feeling on the problematic tooth.” “Two days later I have only taken stop pains once when I ran out of the clove two days before,” he said. Cloves are basically the dried flowers of the clove tree found a lot in Asia near China and also in Europe. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); The benefits of cloves Clove can be taken as both dried flowers as well as ground spices. 1.

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