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The Four Laws Of Results: And How To Fight Your Limitations: Chapter 9

If you fight for your limitations you get to keep them By Aubrey Mavhuli We rarely think, we, humans are on autopilot most of the time. Thinking is hard, few rarely love it, and even much fewer rarely engage in it. I mean here, real conscious thinking. Many would rather suffer lack of results than actively think. Our lives are lived on a programme we are comfortable with. This is why, few ever change their results, because for some reason the programme that runs our lives, called the paradigm rarely ever changes. The thought of change of routine is too discomforting to imagine. But that all being said, here we are talking about how to get results that you want no matter what the circumstances. No valid excuses There are no valid excuses for not getting the results we want unless of course we want to kid ourselves. I kid you do not, results matter excuses don’t.

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