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Could Fenugreek be any good for you? Give It Try

Could Fenugreek be any good for you?

Could Fenugreek be any good for you? Well You Won’t Know Until You Try It

By Sibongile Matembo


Fenugreek is a plant with plenty medicinal value those who take it swear by its benefits.
I have compiled a list below for your consideration.

Fenugreek has been around for ages and those who have been taking it have taken it for several reasons including to treat a wide variety of human conditions.

From ancient times Fenugreek has been used as a pain-relieving aid.

Heart risk and blood pressure
Some who take it have sworn by its ability to help control and reduce the risk of heart and blood pressure conditions.

Inflammation control
Fenugreek has helped reduce inflammation of the body in some of the instances.

Testosterone boost and sperm count
Although it is nothing near Viagra, but Fenugreek has been taken for its believed boost in testosterone and in sperm count.



Weight reduction benefits
Fenugreek has also been used by people trying to reduce their body weight.

Benefits to breast feeding moms
Fenugreek has been used where breast feeding moms wanted more milk in their breast and found it beneficial in that regard as well.

Diabetes risk
Fenugreek is said to reduce the risk of diabetes in diabetic patients
Fenugreek is supplied as a spice by Delish Herbs and spices.




Would you like to a simple way to earn R1000 extra income by end of the week?

Delish Herbs and spices has helped many entrepreneurs grow their business starting from nothing to a stage where many have surpassed the R1000 a page.

See some of the frequently asked questions below:

How do I start earning with Delish Herbs and spice?
We will show you how to start the business and earn from week one?

Where will I get the clients?
Spices are every household commodity; we will show you our tried and tested way of getting clients we have learned and perfected over 9 years.

Can I make a lot of money selling herbs and spices?
“Selling is the highest paid profession if we are good at it and know where we are going.” Earl Nightingale said in his famous record: The strangest secret. We will train you on how to be effective in your sales.

Is it hard to sell spices?
All things are hard when you are not trained in them. We show you the ropes of making a living out of selling spices.

I don’t know anything about spices.
You are right you can’t sell a product you don’t understand we are the experts in making and selling spices we teach you how to profit from spices.



How do I get the spices I am in another country or city or province?
Currently, we have partnered with various courier and logistics partners to get our products safely and cheaply as far away as anywhere in southern Africa.

How do these spices taste?
“Delish Herbs and spices are very tasty. I love them, unlike other spices that are too salty Delish Herbs and spices are well balanced and popular with my clients both in South Africa and Zimbabwe.” Memory Maketo

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