Fake Police Robbery Leads to Fundraising Concert For Music Diva Csana

Benefit Concert To Help Bring Stability To Cssana - Who will Not Be Dispirited To Pull Those Tight Wire Threads On Her Guitar By Wellington Kudiwa Of course, no one in this world, except daredevils and stuntmen, would like to encounter a death and life situation, chiefly when it comes at a time and place you least anticipate such circumstances to occur. Unluckily, this was the case for one of South Africa’s most talented music songstress - Nonguquko Mlaza - better known as Csana - who was recently robbed - Hollywood movie-style - at her home by gun-wielding robbers who disguised themselves as members of the South African Police Services by flashing fake police identities. Luckily for Csana - her roommates and next-door neighbours who were robbed by the same criminals - escaped unharmed, but devastatingly terrified by the perilous incident. In an interview this week Mlaza said the robbery occurred as she and her friends were about to leave for a performance in Pretoria the robbers broke into her home. “As my friends and I were about to leave the house to attend an event in Pretoria.

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