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If Ever You Wanted A Wonder Spice, Then Look No Further Than Coriander

The Spice With The Ability To Stop The Body From Bleeding To Death From Losing Too Much Blood In The Event Of

The Spice With The Ability To Stop The Body From Bleeding To Death From Losing Too Much Blood In The Event Of A Cut Or A Wound

By Sibongile Matembo

Could coriander be the wonder spice for your health?

Are you taking this spice in your diet which boosts your immune system, helps your blood to clot, fight some cancers and helps in bone repair?

Some spices are equal, but some are more equal than others nowhere is this truer than where coriander is concerned. Coriander is famous for containing vitamin A, C, K, iron, calcium minerals and antioxidants which provide a wealth of health benefits to the human body.

Listed below are some of the famous benefits of coriander for your body’s health.

Helps protect your vision
Coriander contains vitamin A which is good for your eyes. Vitamin A helps feed eye retinas, keeps the eyes moist and protects the eye‘s vison.

Boosts immune system
Coriander contains vitamin C which helps boost the body’s immune system keeping you healthier.

Helps blood to clot
Coriander contains many vitamins of which vitamin K is one of them. This vitamin is responsible for helping your blood to clot in the event of a cut or wound. This ability stops the body from bleeding to death or stops the body from loosing too much blood in the event of a cut or wound.



Bones repair
Vitamin k is also helpful in bone repair and helps prevents osteoporosis.

Heart disease
The same vitamin k is also believed to help lower the body’s risk of heart diseases.

Cancer fighting ability
Coriander contains anti-oxidants, these anti-oxidants in coriander help remove free radicals from the body which then helps the body by reducing the risk from some cancers.

Reduces signs of aging
These anti-oxidants are also known to also reduce the signs of aging.

Reduce blood pressure
Coriander’s diuretic abilities is known to help flush out extra sodium from your body’s system also helping in reducing blood pressure.

Reduces blood sugar levels
Current promising research shows that coriander significantly reduces blood sugar levels in diabetic patients by activating enzymes that help the body process blood sugar.

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