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KellyHills International Properties Leads The Way With Property Investment Information

Property investment is the buzz word, as we begin to come out of this devastating international crisis By Falu Ekandji KellyHills International Properties has taken the South African property scene by storm. The company has done this by choosing a creative and innovative approach over the old property model. Kellyhills International Properties is now way ahead of the curve on all things concerning how the property industry carves a way forward - especially in these post-Covid-19 times. Founded in the height of the pandemic and during the strictest lockdowns, this young but extremely experienced future property gaint has paid its dues in perseverance through the hardest of times. After hosting many ground breaking events and concepts - only just this year - Kellyhills International Properties is back with yet another industry first. They are set to host a property showcase on Monday the 18 of April 2022 - at 12 noon. The showcase will take place at the Kellyhills International Properties office in Weltervreden Park, Johannesburg. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); It will also be broadcast on all major digital platforms such as: Zoom, Facebook and YouTube to name a few. On showcase will be the

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