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Let’s Talk About Health Matters: Eating Habits, Lifestyle And Conditions

All In 4 Health: Minding your well-being: #Allin4health #health4all #minding your wellbeing #healthawareness By Dr T.W Ngwenya Changamire Know what you are eating. Smoking, excess sugar, excess salt intake and excessive intake of alcohol leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and obesity. This is why we refer to these conditions as lifestyle related conditions. These conditions can be prevented by being mindful of our daily habits and lifestyle habits. Lifestyle related conditions can be prevented by eating right. Eating right is entails having a sound understanding of the nutritional value of the foods you consume every day. Many people who are trying to lose weight may find no success because they are choosing certain foods that they think is healthy, people trying to control Diabetes may find no success because they are consuming foods with hidden sugars. This is also the case with people that suffer from high blood pressure, they may be struggling to get it controlled because they are consuming foods with a lot of salt. I was speaking to a patient recently, and I asked her if she had cut down on eating salt.

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